Beat The Heat Self-Defense Class


Female business owners teamed up AGAIN, because the first time was such a great success, to present to you BEAT THE HEAT SELF-DEFENSE CLASS. We are here to teach you a few ways to live a healthy life through self-awareness and strength.

The Hosts

Remona, the owner of Hair and Stuff 216

Alisha, the owner of Events On Ridge


Gilbert Johnson, owner of DefenseFit

My name is Gilbert A. Johnson. I am a Master TaeKwonDo instructor, World Class Athlete, 3x Army War Veteran, and Small Business Owner.

With my combined Military and Martial Arts experience of over thirty five years, I have created a fitness training program exclusively for women and girls. This program combines self-defense and functional fitness, as a way to combat violent crimes against women and girls. I call it DefenseFit.

DefenseFit is a self-defense, exercise, training program exclusively for women and girls. Developed and designed to strengthen your mind and body. Giving you the knowledge, understanding, and applied execution of self-defense, should you find yourself in a physical altercation.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and enhance the safety & health of women worldwide, through self-defense and fitness.


Self-Defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal skill, safety strategies and physical techniques. This course provides an introduction into psychological awareness and verbal skills, not just physical training. The techniques presented in this course are valuable and much needed in our daily lives. Learning techniques and practicing in a safe environment will give you the confidence you will need in any situation.


FREE ENTRY FOR YOUNG GIRLS: you are encouraged to bring along one daughter, niece, friend, loved one between the ages of 11 -16yrs for free.


You can expect:

  • Self-defense techniques taught by a professional self defense instructor
  • Gift bags including a self-defense kits/rings
  • Light and healthy refreshments
  • Network and build community connections


Tell a friend or come and make new ones! Limited seats available so secure your spot ASAP!




If you'd like to have your business promoted, there are few options to choose from. This includes:

Virtual Logo Banner: $25 (logo included on logo banner to be displayed on the monitors during event)

Gift Bag Promo: $45 (provide marketing material to fill up to 40 bags examples. business cards, promotional material or samples)

Full Participation Promo: $85 (logo banner on monitors during the event, marketing material in gift bags, 1 ticket to the event, and social promotion)



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