About Us

Raymell and Remona, the visionaries behind Hair & Stuff 216, embarked on a journey to establish a haven for multi-ethnic hair and skin care products within a community in need. Rooted in a commitment to unparalleled customer service and offering premium hair and beauty care items, Hair & Stuff 216 emerged from the founders’ dissatisfaction with neighboring beauty supply stores. Our mission revolves around not just providing products but also educating customers on personalized hair care solutions, contributing to the community’s growth.  

Hair & Stuff 216 offer popular, trending and reputable products such as: Black Panther, Alikay Naturals, Mielle, Canviiy, The Doux and many others.  Also natural beauty and hair care products inspired and handmade by small business owners to meet your body and hair care needs for example:  LaJAshley, Made with Love Oils, Blossom Beauty Co, and Debonair.


Hair & Stuff 216 collaborates with both local and out-of-state small business owners, ensuring exclusive access to the latest trending products available in our store.

Stop by for an experience like no other delivered by the Staff at Hair & Stuff 216: Raymell & Remona!